What kind of vocabulary is used in medicine?

The vocabulary in medicine will always be technical and complicated, so it is the duty of doctors to explain diseases and treatments to their patients with the most common words they can find, so that the person understands exactly what he has, what he is doing to do and not to do panic needlessly.
Here we will tell you what kind of vocabulary is used in medicine, some terms you should know and many curiosities that you surely don't want to miss if your dream is study medicine at EIA.

  1. medical acronyms
    1. Common abbreviations in medicine
    2. funny abbreviations in medicine
  2. medical terms
    1. The medical terms you should know
  3. words derived from medicine
  4. Latin words for medicine
    1. Latin phrases in medicine
  5. Medicine suffixes and prefixes
  6. The 6 longest words in Spanish

medical acronyms

When we ask what kind of vocabulary is used in medicine, many acronyms often come to mind. Here we tell you which are the most common and some very funny.

Common abbreviations in medicine

  • BCG: Tuberculosis vaccine
  • COVID-19: Coronavirus disease of 2019
  • ICD: implantable cardioverter defibrillator
  • FSH: Follicle Stimulating Hormone
  • iv.: intravenously
  • CPR: cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • HIV: human immunodeficiency virus
  • HPV: human papilloma virus
  • BMI: body mass index
  • IUD: intrauterine device

funny abbreviations in medicine

  • BIG MAC: Beaumont – Mevacor Interventional Group
  • CHEESE: Comparative study in HIV-infected patients evaluating the efficacy and safety of saquinavir-boosted oral formulation
  • ATLAS: atlanto-occipital joint
  • INTIMA: deepest layer of the vascular wall.
  • VAS: Visual analog scale
  • ELISA: enzymatic immunosorbent assay
  • DEAD: Digitalis excretion after dialysis
  • HATE: Evaluation of heparin and TNKase
  • FEAR: Functional evaluation of angiographic revascularization
  • CORPS: post streptokinase coronary revascularization
  • CRAP: Cholesterol Risks After Pancreatectomy
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medical terms

There are some terms in medicine that refer to things that people usually call by another name. Here we will look at some of the most common ones:

  • hyperkeratosis: calluses
  • Verbiage: crude, overtalking, and nonsensical
  • Rhinolalia: dripping
  • Ephelides: freckles
  • Dysphemia: stuttering
  • Heartburn: aching
  • Odontoctomy: extracting a tooth

The medical terms you should know

  • Benign: Tumor or non-cancerous mass
  • Malignant: Cancerous tumor or mass
  • Anti-inflammatory: medicine that reduces swelling and pain
  • Antihistamine: medicine that stops an allergic reaction
  • Analgesic: drug that relieves pain
  • Endoscopy: A procedure to view the digestive tract from the mouth
  • Colonoscopy: A procedure to view the digestive tract from the rectum
  • CBC: blood test
  • RX: X-rays
  • CT: computed axial tomography
  • Biopsy: A sample of tissue that is removed for testing
  • Hypotension: low blood pressure
  • Hypertension: high blood pressure
  • Wound: Wound, sore or cut
  • Non-invasive: A procedure that does not require entering the body with tools. the opposite of surgical
  • edema: swelling
  • Suture: Stitches that are applied to close a wound

words derived from medicine

Now let's go deeper into the etymology of the word medicine, because in this way we will understand more deeply what type of vocabulary is used in medicine.
The word medicine comes from the Latin medicinal, which in turn derives from the term medicus (meaning doctor). This, in turn, comes from memeri What does it mean to cure or cure?
Furthermore, the word medicine has the suffix -ina, which is the suffix that indicates "matter of". So medicine is: the subject of the doctor, the subject of who cares or heals.
Thus, these additional words were then created:

  • to medicate: to administer medicines
  • Doctor: person who can legally practice medicine
  • Medication: A medicine used to treat or cure a disease
  • Medication: administer a medicine
  • Medicinal: Used to cure
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Latin words for medicine

When we start talking about what kind of vocabulary is used in medicine, we realize that the classical languages, both Latin and Greek, have a very high importance in this field of knowledge.
This happens because the Greek and later Roman civilizations have provided us with all the foundations of Western medicine.
Many (if not all) of the prefixes and suffixes that we will see later derive from Greek and Latin roots, such as the suffix -itis, which means inflammation and derives from the Latin.
There is also another large group of words that were formed from the union of Greek and Latin roots, such as tuberculosis which tuberculous It comes from the Latin "small tumor" and the suffix -sis comes from the Greek "disease".

Latin phrases in medicine

In addition to words, we also have complete Latin expressions that support the work of medicine. Here we will look at some of the most well-known:

  • Primum will not die: the first thing is to do no harm
  • Ubi pus, ibi evacuate: where there is pus, it is necessary to evacuate / open
  • Vis medicatrix naturae: the healing/medical power of nature
  • Algor mortis: cold to death
  • rigor mortis: state of rigidity of the muscles of a cadaver
  • Healthy men in a healthy body: healty mind in healty body
  • Fetus in the fetus: parasitic twin

Medicine suffixes and prefixes

Here we will see the suffixes and prefixes that derive from Greek and Latin, with their corresponding meaning.

  • adeno/o: gland
  • abdomen
  • adip/o: fat
  • bi/o: life
  • carcin/o: cancerous, cancer
  • cardio/o: heart
  • cephal/o: head
  • cervic/o: neck (head or uterus)
  • crani/o: skull
  • derm/o: skin
  • dorsal: back of the body
  • enters: intestine
  • gastr/o: stomach
  • gnos/o: knowledge
  • gynoec/o: woman
  • heme: blood
  • hepat/o: liver
  • iatr/o: treatment
  • log/o: knowledge
  • nephr/o: kidney
  • neuro/o: nerve
  • onc/o: tumour
  • ophthalmos: eye
  • ost/o: bone
  • request: child
  • psych/o: mind
  • ren/o: kidney
  • rhin/o: nose
  • pain: pain
  • -ectomy: removal of
  • -ist: specialist
  • -itis: inflammation
  • -logy: study of
  • -pathy: disease, condition
  • -scope: tool to view/examine
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The 6 longest words in Spanish

To close this article on what type of vocabulary is used in medicine, we will conclude by telling you that the 6 longest words in Spanish are related to this field of knowledge:

  1. EEG (23 letters)
  2. Sternocleidomastoid (22 letters)
  3. Electroencephalography (21 letters)
  4. EEG (20 letters)
  5. Otolaryngologist (19 letters)
  6. Electrocardiogram (18 letters)

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