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What is CRM after all?

What is CRM after all? Explanation of its basic functions with terms. You’ve heard the term CRM (Customer Relationship Management) countless times, but you probably don’t know exactly what it means or what it does.

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What is CRM after all?

Certainly, words attached to CRM such as “CRM strategy,” “CRM system,” and “CRM solution” are often used, and there are many related to CRM such as “CS (Customer Satisfaction)” and “LTV (Life Time Value).” It is natural to ask, “What is CRM after all?” However, one of the frustrating aspects of CRM is that it can no longer handle people.

In this article, what is CRM after all? For this simple question, I will explain it in an easy-to-understand way along with a glossary.

CRM is a concept, a system and a solution.

CRM is used very broadly, but the term itself means “managing customer relationships”. In short, it can be said to be a management method for building a relationship with the company by properly managing and utilizing customer and prospect information, and creating a corporate structure that produces high long-term profits. . This is CRM as a concept.

On the other hand, CRM is sometimes referred to as “CRM system”. CRM systems are equipped with functions to realize the CRM concept by making full use of IT and by integrating, managing and visualizing customer information, the information is used in various business scenes.

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In addition, CRM solutions have the meaning of “CRM solutions to solve management problems”, and CRM solutions provided by CRM software vendors refer to comprehensive management consulting services using CRM systems.

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What functions does a CRM system have?

What kind of functions are implemented in CRM systems to make the CMR concept a reality in business?

(1) Customer information management

Customer name, date of birth, gender, address, phone number, email address, purchase history, sales history, campaign history, affiliated company, department, title, support history, points, SNS account, survey results, etc. to manage.

② Email sending management.

Send emails all at once according to set segments, or send emails individually according to customer status.

③Campaign management.

Integrated management of campaign participation information and customer linked survey data.

④Social network management.

Manage connections with companies on SNS and understand broadcasts and activities on SNS.

⑤Customer analysis.

Based on accumulated customer information, analyze it from various angles and gain new customer insights.


Integrate marketing functions such as scenario emails and scoring to help cultivate leads and maintain relationships with existing customers.

⑦SFA (Salesforce Automation).

It provides functions for salespeople to efficiently perform sales activities, and at the same time integrates customer information that has been managed in a distributed manner.

These are the main functions of a CRM system. In addition to this, cloud CRM and products provide a wide variety of functions.

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