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The Use of AI in CRM

As a result of the use of AI in CRM, it is estimated that corporate sales will increase by 115 trillion yen worldwide, and 800,000 new jobs are said to be created. It is possible to accurately capture customer behavior and propose appropriate actions for that behavior.

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The Use of AI in CRM

Proposing optimal actions (email distribution, campaigns, etc.) based on customer behavior analysis. Data analysis can be performed even in situations where there is a shortage of human resources, such as data analysts.

By analyzing customers using AI based on customer information accumulated in the CRM system, it is possible to propose the optimal action for each customer.

For example, with respect to email delivery, you can consider effective approaches for each customer, such as when and what content to send, based on email open rate, number of link clicks, total number of form submissions, etc.

Advantage of using CRM

The biggest advantage of using CRM and AI is that data can be analyzed and analyzed using CRM system functions, even in the absence of data analysts.

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This is because the demand for engineers and data scientists responsible for accumulating, analyzing, and utilizing data in CRM systems is expected to increase. Some examples of CRM and AI usage are shown below.

Even companies that cannot hire data analysts or full-time engineers who can handle data utilization and analysis work can easily analyze data by introducing an AI-equipped CRM system that they can use for their strategy.

CRM usage example

Next, we will explain how to use CRM separately for BtoB and BtoC. We will also address process improvement through DX marketing…

  • For BtoB: Centralized customer information management.
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As I mentioned about the merits of introducing a CRM system, if you introduce a CRM system, you can centrally manage customer information that was previously managed by each salesperson. For example, it is possible to share customer information by department, by region, by office, or company-wide.

Use of a CRM system

This method of use is considered to be the first step in the use of a CRM system, and analysis of centrally managed customer information will lead to consideration of further steps.

For BtoB: sales support through customer information analysis. You can analyze customer information managed by the CRM system and use it for sales support.

For example, decile analysis can be used to identify high-value customers and RFM analysis can be used to group customers according to time of purchase, frequency of purchase and amount of purchase.

  • For BtoC: measures to improve customer satisfaction such as personalization.

One way to use CRM for BtoC is personalization. Analysis of customer information reveals customer behavior, interests and preferences, and measures can be considered to improve personalized customer satisfaction.

For example, BtoC analysis based on buying habits could provide personalized product suggestions, or product suggestions could be based on the purchase history of customers with similar interests and tastes.

  • For B2C: Optimal sales channel analysis.

CRM can also help you analyze sales channels. For example, it is possible to optimize sales channels by analyzing and understanding customer behavior trends, e.g. whether they sell in stores, use CE sites or combine both.

Process improvement through DX marketing

Marketing DX is the introduction of digital technology into the marketing process to improve the process. Although often confused with digital marketing, which is a marketing method that uses IT technology, DX marketing refers to overall process improvement.

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For example, by using an AI-equipped CRM system, it is possible to automate the data analysis work of data scientists and data engineers, automate sales promotions for each customer after data analysis and email notifications and distribution, etc. It can review and improve the marketing process itself.

The purpose of DX marketing is not to introduce IT technology into the marketing process, but to review and improve the process. Therefore, you should organize your current marketing process, clarify the problems you want to solve, and then promote DX marketing.

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