Ratio of SMEs with good teaching mediated by the EIA

Strengthening and increasing the competitiveness of an SME is the task of the manager of its administration. Day after day, the competition between companies requires professionals to be constantly updated on market changes. Why not get an MBA (Masters in Business Administration)? It is a boon to the success of any aspiring company director.

To achieve this goal, an integral and quality education is necessary; Only then will the student be able to solve any problem that arises in an SME. Training is of the utmost importance, as the market is constantly evolving and the working environment requires a person who, in addition to being competent, provides solutions oriented towards sustainability.

Colombia needs better trained professionals in administration
The MSME problems in Colombia are of great concern today. It should be remembered that, currently, small and medium enterprises represent over 90% of the generation of employment in the country; The administrators of any growing company must be able to create dynamic and competitive environments, all for a good management of financial resources to be achieved.
Each professional involved in the processes of a company must be able, through their knowledge of business administration, to effectively recreate or plan each of the following aspects.

Sustainability strategy planning
Unfortunately, small and medium-sized businesses are always prone to cash flow problems. This leads to a business gradually deteriorating or even going bankrupt at some point.
To correct it, in addition to having basic knowledge, the professional must learn to implement strategies aimed at SMEs by obtaining the money necessary to meet the delivery terms of their goods. This will keep the company standing.

Increase competitiveness and globalisation
An expert in administration will be able to properly manage financial resources. You will use them correctly to increase the competitiveness of the company and, moreover, to develop globalization strategies that make any company sustainable or profitable.
Taking into account the fact that in Colombia all companies have to deal with very high competition, competitiveness and globalization strategies can make a big difference in the success of any company. The administrator must perform every step with the highest possible level of professionalism.

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Generate ideal working environments in a company
Another characteristic that distinguishes the experienced administrator from other professionals is the ability to create or organize exceptional working environments. In addition to guiding the procedures to success, the administrator will ensure that they are carried out ethically and as efficiently as possible.
Running a business requires a thorough understanding of the business world. Every director must possess the necessary skills to operate in a dynamic work environment guided by good ethical principles.

The path to starting an MBA
A postgraduate degree or a master's degree will not only increase knowledge but also improve certain professional and personal aspects. Having exclusive and complete training is essential to achieve your goals. Before opting for a master's degree, it is essential to know everything about your program. You must understand very well the importance of the studies you are about to complete and what benefits you will gain.
The EIA is a university aimed at providing quality tutoring. It is one of the best universities that can be found today. There are several very important aspects for each student's education to be excellent.

  1. It is progress oriented. The world of work is always evolving. In education, new changes are always taken into account to provide valuable insights. Knowledge that will help any professional function properly in any workplace.
  2. Decision making. In the world of work there isn't always someone who tells you what to do or explains everything to you. A management student will develop an excellent ability to make decisions at crucial moments that can completely define the future of a company.
  3. Search capability. Acquiring one's knowledge is something that is highly valued in every person. Not only are master classes important in forming an integrated professional, but you also need to learn on your own.
  4. Creativity. In the professional environment there are many situations that test the skill of any expert. When they develop good creativity, professional administrators are fully capable of solving any problem with a simple creative solution.
  5. Innovation. Innovation is synonymous with creativity. An administrator must learn to create new solutions that not only surpass those already proposed previously, but also pave the way to improve the quality of processes and their implementation.
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Why Study a Master of Administration at EIA?
EIA has been a high quality accredited institution since 2010. It offers higher education and values ‚Äč‚Äčspecialist and professional teaching above all else. This university is also recognized as an exclusive place where only the best students in the country are trained.
Its advanced specialization program offers students many benefits. The training of each graduate takes place on the basis of three main criteria.

Personal growth
What is most sought after is to strengthen the personal skills of each student. Much emphasis is placed on the following aspects:

  • Creativity
  • Assertive communication
  • Teamwork
  • Systems thinking

Before acquiring professional training through further training courses, the most important thing is to work on the personal aspects of the graduate and make sure that he acts very ethically and naturally at all times. In this way, acting as an administrator, the person will be able to create suitable working environments and will be able to communicate with all team members in an assertive way. You will have full capacity to foster good teamwork which will also be highly productive.

Professional development
Another important goal is the development of professional skills. For these, experience in the following fields is required:

  • Command
  • Information management and research
  • decision making
  • Development of techniques for sustainability
  • globalization
  • innovation and entrepreneurship

All of these resources are learned in a master's degree in administration. The student will leave him prepared to practice his position as effectively as possible. Skills are acquired as the student progresses through each course.
If you take into account the situation of SMEs in Colombia, the first thing you perceive is that leadership, invocation and sustainability go hand in hand. After the student graduates from the master's degree, he will be able to run a business so that he can gain great recognition, even internationally.
Decision-making, research and information management are also closely related to business management. These will help the expert to run a business very effectively and show that he is a well trained and fully competent person.

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fields of action
Completion of the master's degree will give the student the opportunity to practice in one of the following fields:

  • Address. You can hold the positions of manager or president of a company and become one of the most important figures in the company.
  • Entrepreneurship. One of the most striking advantages for students of the course is that they will be able and will have the possibility to accompany or completely direct the creation of a new company. This skill is a great advancement for the professional's career. Entrepreneurship is a long-term project that can be compensated for in the best possible way.
  • Adviser or consultant. Companies not only need someone to take care of them, but also to have someone capable of giving a professional opinion. The position of adviser or consultant is very important. This professional provides opinions and value judgments that help the company determine whether it is doing well or not.

An expert to solve MSME problems in Colombia
The business administration degree is a good option today; however, the MBA will open doors for you to reach the best positions and in the best companies.
To achieve a professional goal in a natural and ethical way, the most important thing is to receive a specialized and completely dedicated education. All knowledge can be acquired in Masters in EIA Administration. You must know that experts with the necessary knowledge to run a company are required in Colombia. Ideally, companies prefer these professionals to have the ability to innovate and lead any SME to success in a way that is recognized internationally. Our studies are the key that has helped many people achieve their goal: to become the best business managers of our time.

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