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Intelligent Warehouses

Intelligent warehouses: phases to successfully automate logistics processes. We brought together three experts in logistics and automated processes to learn about the advances in our country and the evolution towards intelligent warehouses.

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Intelligent Warehouses

The quality of the data recorded in the intelligent warehouse processes and its correct treatment will be increasingly important to gain efficiency. Its volume and use through machine learning tools will skyrocket with new infrastructures and 5G connectivity.

Xavier Caparrós, CEO of the software developer SGA Aliernet; Víctor Escanciano, Logistics Director at Condis Supermercats; and Roberto Lorenzo, Commercial Director at ASTI Mobile Robotics, present the evolution of warehouses towards intelligent spaces and how to successfully face the new logistic advances.

In smart warehouses there is, therefore, a higher degree of automation in WMSs and more advanced programming to improve warehouse efficiency in processes as relevant as picking or the location of goods.

The evolution towards intelligent warehouses

In a market where immediacy and high logistics efficiency reign supreme, it is vitally important to keep abreast of new technological developments in warehouse, picking and inventory management.

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How is this leap towards intelligent warehouses being faced? Is robotics a reality? What is the right way to introduce logistics automation advances?

Thanks to the collaboration of Xavier Caparrós, CEO and co-founder of the software developer SGA Aliernet;

  • Víctor Escanciano, director of Logistics and Information Systems at Condis Supermercats.
  • Roberto Lorenzo, commercial director at ASTI Mobile Robotics and expert in mobile robotics.

we present the evolution of automated warehouses towards intelligent warehouses and how to successfully face the new logistic advances by establishing certain implementation phases.

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The new intelligent warehouses

Warehouse management software (WMS) is the key to today’s automated warehouses and, one step further, to smart warehouses.

In smart warehouses, with the introduction of new technologies and logistics software that centralize data flows and direct execution orders, we find that certain processes are carried out by machines or robots, also known as robotic warehouses.

Automated stacker cranes

collaborative robots for picking or automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are already a reality in smart warehouses thanks to machine sensors and the internet of things, big data analysis, blockchain and its immutable traceability, augmented reality or artificial intelligence (AI) and, within it, machine learning for companies.

And although we are just beginning to see this process of providing intelligence to storage spaces, as there is still a lot of investment and technology to be introduced, the use of automation.

Sensors that collect data and predictive algorithms of artificial intelligence to improve processes and lighten the work of operators is becoming more widespread.

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