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Explain CRM Program Terms

Explain CRM Program Terms: Advantages and disadvantages of introducing a CRM system. Next, let’s see what kind of advantages and disadvantages there are in introducing a CRM system. CRM system There is a lack of awareness of how to use it for the sales people who use it.

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Explain CRM Program Terms

It takes costs until the use of the CRM system is established, such as maintaining the operation flow.
A CRM system cannot be effective just by introducing it. It is necessary for sales representatives to enter customer information, and it is essential to formulate a format and develop an operational flow for that purpose.

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management).
  • CS (Customer Satisfaction).
  • Profit generated during the period related to LTV (Life Time Value) companies.
  • Sales Support System SFA (Salesforce Automation).
  • Cloud services delivered over the Internet.
  • On-premise system built on internal infrastructure.
  • Mass marketing Marketing targeted to an unspecified number of people.
  • One to One Marketing Tailor-made marketing for each customer.
  • MA (Marketing Automation) Tools for marketing automation.
  • Tools that facilitate data analysis BI (Business Intelligence).
  • Big Data A large amount of data accumulated on a daily basis
    Insight Insight.

Since the purpose of implementing a CRM system, how to use it and the maintenance of the operation flow are different for each company, it will be necessary to respond according to the situation.

Centralized management of customer information

Customer information, which had been managed by each salesperson prior to the introduction of the CRM system, can be managed centrally throughout the company, facilitating the exchange of information between people in charge and between departments.

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For example, customer information from different regions and the latest customer information can be shared seamlessly.

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In addition, customer information that was previously managed in a different method can be easily migrated using the CRM system’s import function. When using the import function, consider the format you want to manage, prepare an input file (comma separated csv file, etc.).

That matches the format and import the data into the CRM system. Centrally managed customer information is useful not only for sharing within the company, but also for viewing and analyzing customer information, which will be presented as an advantage below.

Visualize and analyze customer information and use it for metrics

The reasons why the introduction of the CRM system fails are that the introduction itself is the goal and the purpose after the introduction is ambiguous, and even if the purpose of the introduction is clear, it does not extend throughout the company.

The CRM system has analysis functions that can be used for decile analysis, RFM analysis, customer segmentation, behavioral trend analysis, CTB analysis, etc.

When analyzing the aggregated data in CRM, there is a method to use Excel, but if you use the analysis function provided in the CRM system, it is easy to set up for analysis and format the aggregated data in CRM. It can reduce costs.

The cost of implementing a CRM system is high

Implementing a CRM system is usually expensive. In addition to the cost of installing the system itself, there are also many costs when considering which CRM system to introduce.

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After comparing the cost of introduction and the benefits gained from introducing a CRM system, it is best to consider introducing it if more benefits can be gained.

In addition, there are cases where the transition from the established deal flow to the new deal flow is not easy and it takes time and money to set up a CRM system.

Again, it is important to carefully compare the initial cost of introducing a CRM system and the benefits of introducing a CRM system, and to clarify the purpose of the introduction and how to use it.

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