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Relationships (CRM)

Customer Relationships (CRM): Key points in the introduction of a customer relationship management (CRM) system. It has been more than 30 years since the introduction of CRM systems and, although some companies have achieved great success, there have been many cases of failed implementations.

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Customer Relationships (CRM)

If a company or organization makes the big decision to introduce it, we want to minimize the chance of failure. Here are some tips to help you successfully implement a CRM system.

Clarify objectives, metrics and goals for the introduction. First, it is important to clarify the purpose of the introduction by sorting out your company's issues, such as what is the purpose of the introduction, what are the important indicators, and who will use it before the introduction.

If these are not clarified, the introduction of a CRM system will become the goal, leading to failure. After clarifying the purpose of introducing CRM, let's follow the steps in order, such as deciding on more specific objectives and processes.

CRM Establish a System

The CRM system is effective not only for sales and marketing departments, but also for sharing and centrally managing the entire company. When operating, set up a project team that transcends job titles and departments and establish an internal system.

In addition, the sudden introduction of a CRM system throughout the organization may, on the contrary, cause confusion and is not a highly recommended method. Start small with a minimum scale and gradually scale up as you see results.

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It is important for the leader of each department to explain the purpose of introducing CRM to employees, incorporate the opinions of those who actually use CRM, and continue with the project while gaining consensus.

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Choose the right system for your company

Today, CRM systems with various functions are sold in every business application industry. In addition, if you formulate a specific guideline to unify internal operating rules, employees will not get lost and you will be able to respond quickly when a problem occurs.

It is important to select a system that is right for your company, but for companies that have many products and don't know what criteria to select, we have summarized the points you want to consider here. Here are the main points to consider when choosing a CRM system:

Cloud type or on-premises type?

The cloud type of CRM, which is currently mainstream, has advantages such as low initial and operating costs and no maintenance. On-premises CRMs are expensive to implement, but are highly customizable and can respond flexibly to needs.

Whether or not required functionality is provided

Depending on the service, strengths and functions, such as ease of information entry and richness of cooperation, differ, so it is important to decide in advance which functions are non-negotiable.

In addition, it is good to select based on the completeness of the support system, for example, whether upgrades will be performed and how long the warranty period lasts.

there is a free trial When introducing a CRM system, if you can first check the operability and interface in the free trial, you can reduce the risk of failure.

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