Clinical engineering and its role in hospital development

talk about clinical engineering It quickly brings up an image of a hospital, but it goes beyond that. This is the area in charge of creating or designing medical instruments in order to provide innovation and help solve the needs and problems of many patients.
When referring to medical matters, the safety of people, that's why the presence of these is required engineers. This topic delves into the Master in Biomedical Engineering with specialization in Clinical Engineering of the STREET.

Improving the quality of medical care

It has a lot to do with settling various theories that are applied in the medico-biological term. As a result, the clinical service radically improves, allowing the right to care to be made a priority. In addition, he is responsible for the administration, evaluation, design, creation and development of hospital-wide strategies.
In that sense, the clinical engineer He is responsible for responding to the needs that arise both in terms of care and in the tools used. All this in order to obtain optimal results in diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.
When this professional is aware of the work he is doing, all his thoughts are guided by the well-being of the patient. This engineer is like door that communicates medicine with engineering in a world full of technological advances.

Expertise and projects in favor of health hand in hand with clinical engineering

A person who specializes in this career must be very aware that they are responsible for a number of vital responsibilities, including the following:

  • To make sure that each of the tools is used effectively, according to the purpose for which it was created. All this with the aim of guaranteeing a longer useful life for these instruments.
  • Foment teaching programs based on the equipment and its installation, in order to reduce risks for both operators and patients, making everything concerning the electrical safety standards of the place very clear.
  • To carry a follow-up of accidents and damages that have been caused to biomedical instruments. This will allow for a clearer record of what caused specific damage and the current state of the tool.
  • To strive so that the verification procedures established in relation to each of the tools are fully respected, and the best way to do this is to establish a timetable and be part of the initiative.
  • To be in charge of carrying out the continuous maintenance of the equipment, so that it is always carried out according to the regulations.
  • Deal with that the troubleshooting is as accurate as possible without searching the entire device, but going to where the problem is.
  • To carry carry out maintenance activities with complete continuity, thus forming a beneficial circle in which things work well.
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The introduction to technology

In a broader sense, biomedical technologies have been applied to everything related to hospitals. Previous studies have highlighted the huge impact in the prevention and spread of diseases, thus minimizing their lasting effects. Technology has contributed a lot in terms of getting diagnosis and early detection of various pathologies. Likewise, it is possible to observe what caused these pathologies and the effects it caused.
Another thing worth noting is that through advancements they have been able to counter many things. For example, being able to treatments of restoration, rehabilitation, improvement and replacement in many ammunition. Always bearing in mind that every patient deserves to have an adequate quality of life and to quickly re-enter society.
Furthermore, with so many events taking place right now, names of diseases have been heard that in many cases are unknown and it has been difficult to eradicate them. For example, a few decades ago the issues related to yellow fever, tetanus and poliomyelitis were a reason for uncertainty because nothing was certain, the investigations had not yet produced solutions that would reassure the population. That is why men, women and children lost their lives in that shocking moment.
But today, after years of ongoing investigations, many of these have a cure or, at best, decent treatment. The goal of so many methodologies implemented to treat ailments is to bring people relief and confidence that they will be fine.

The studies, preparation and experience of the clinical engineer make the difference

There have been many advances that the world has gone through in recent decades, but it must be understood that by themselves they are useless. This is where the presence of staff who know how to perform various procedures is needed. In other words, that they have the preparation and are highly qualified to do such work, which can only be achieved through experienceTHE academic training and the commitment to get things done.
Many times it is necessary for a professional with the proper knowledge to lead or manage a process. Thus there will be the guarantee that it will be performed in the best way, thus making a good selection, purchase and installation taking into account the efficacy tests defined by the operation, because a team, however advanced it may be, is nothing if it's in the wrong hands. It will not be able to perform the function for which it was designed.
This is where we have to remind ourselves once again that it is crucial that we give everyone the place they deserve. In other words, let those who have more experience and professionalism give safety to patients and to each of the operators who are part of the medical team.

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A determining factor

Normally, everything in life requires maintenance to keep the equipment from deteriorating. Over time, climate change leaves its marked effects on everything. That's why investing to keep an instrument in optimal condition is like extending its life. the lack of maintenance generates unnecessary burdens, increasing expenses and reducing services.
That's why the role of these engineers is true technical support AND managerial of all areas relating to the service offered. But you don't have to wait for something to get damaged to take action. Normally, various organizations schedule cleaning and maintenance days for equipment, with the aim of benefiting their profession and saving lives. This is where these engineers come into action again, scheduling the times when equipment alignments or overhauls need to be done.

Current alternatives

Another way to get trained is through the Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering, this is a very comprehensive program that brings together advanced knowledge. It focuses on what is related to the training of professionals; likewise it combines engineering, medicine and health sciences. In it, scientific and technological knowledge is strengthened and brought to a more practical level thanks to the help offered by technology.
Trainees are trained to design strategies and develop technological elements, including software and hardware. Through them it is possible to arrive at a more accurate diagnosis and treatment of pathologies, since the years in which he acquired knowledge gave him the ability to advise, maintain and manage the functions of a medical team.
Upon completion of this master's degree, you acquire various skills to solve different problems related to medicine using technological advances and train others to improve the way a procedure is performed. Moreover, they can be use robotic systems to manufacture prostheses and orthoses which are a necessity for many people.
To access it, it is necessary to meet some important requirements to fill in the income profile and have a quota, obtaining the best orientation. The program has been designed for those people who have experience or have had training related to this area, i.e. those who feel an intense interest in current problems facing the health and quality of life of others, so that they want to continue with their training and are able to work in a team and collaborate in the growth of strategies and projects.

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That's why it has been confirmed that training is important for our future, where we all have a lot to do with and contribute to the lives of people who need help. This topic is explored in the Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering with a Clinical Engineering Specialization from the VIA.

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