Biomedical Engineering in Colombia: Challenges and Opportunities

Biomedical Engineering is revolutionizing the healthcare industry in recent years. It is an innovative interdisciplinary science that creates and develops diagnostic devices, prostheses, radiographs and electroencephalograms. It also includes hospital systems or software and provides support in scientific research. Keep reading and you will discover the great potential of this engineering.

What is Biomedical Engineering?

It is a discipline that is connected to and is composed of the principles of engineering and the practices and theories of the health sciences. His field of work is responsible for designing and building medical devices that revolutionize medicine towards new advances. Apply engineering theories and techniques in the medical field. This topic is explored in the Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering with particular attention to EIA research.
Biomedical engineering has three fundamental pillars

  1. Computer Engineering: Computer science greatly influences this discipline. Because it consists of applying various techniques and knowledge in the creation of technological devices that facilitate the prevention, diagnosis or solution of a specific pathology.
  2. Health Sciences: A biomedical engineer knows biology, physiology, and pathology. Not necessarily on the same level as a doctor, but he has fundamental knowledge on the subject.
  3. Electronics: The biomedical engineer needs the support of electronics to be able to handle certain needs that arise in many of the changes developed in medicine. This will allow you to know how to train electronic circuits to obtain data and how to process them to create applicable hardware and software solutions.

THE biomedical research It is a fundamental part of the growth and development of this discipline. This activity contributes to the conservation and accumulation of information necessary for the creation and innovation of technologies applicable to the healthcare area.
The advances of this science in the field of health for the prevention and treatment of diseases. It strictly depends on the epistemological discoveries that are made through research to gain an understanding of specific physiological and pathological processes. Investigating and deepening the technological and epistemic progress of this discipline is not an option, it is a must for every professional in the sector.

Challenges of this profession in Colombia

The challenges are wide and varied, here are a few:

  1. Improving and creating personalized health methods: This area includes things like developing techniques to recover and maintain motor function in people with different types of injuries. Also, create prosthetics to replace limbs lost in accidents. Also by developing new medical technologies for non-invasive diagnostic imaging.
  2. The search for solutions has focused on the treatment of chronic pathologies: in this sense, the emphasis should be placed on the advancement of biomaterials that serve as a treatment for various diseases. Don't just look for alternative treatments but the authentic cure. Create and develop techniques for organ regenerationthrough the growth and specialization of cells.
  3. Promote solutions for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases: It is of utmost importance to focus on finding applicable solutions for the treatment of infectious diseases such as AIDS, tuberculosis and coronavirus. These are some of the diseases that have the greatest impact and on which the greatest effort should be exerted.
  4. Creating food and water purification techniques: Biomedical engineers can help create methods to identify bacteria in food and water.
  5. Producing acceptable sources of bioenergy: in this sense, Mechanisms can be developed that allow for water depletion in growth and energy production. Currently, the amount of water used for this purpose is usually quite large.
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Opportunities of this applied science in Colombia

It has great advantages, such as:

  1. The professional field is wide and varied: the biomedical engineer must know different branches, not only in engineering and medicine. Rather, they must be passionate about biology and the different subdisciplines related to this professional field, in order to constantly grow and innovate.
  2. You can reinvent yourself and create continuously: technology offers great power for imagination and the creation of new techniques applicable in this medium. Additionally, it requires a professional who is passionate about change and transformation.
  3. Ample space for technological innovations: in the coming decades, technological advances will continue to grow. For those interested in engineering and applied methods in the health sciences, this career field offers a dizzying pace of new technologies.
  4. It allows to work with professionals from other disciplines: in the workplace, a biomedical engineer has the opportunity to work side by side with professionals specialized in other fields, who have different experiences and knowledge than theirs, but with the same ideals and goals.
  5. Opportunity in commercial profile: The professional can present a managerial evolution or in the administration and sale of various devices. Additionally, you can work in other areas such as prosthetic development, research and image processing.
  6. Future growth: thanks to the fact that this career has a large technological component, it can have a broad and extensive development in the future, being even more recognized and valued than today.

The challenges and opportunities of biomedical engineering in Colombia are extensive both professionally and on the job.

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Information on the master's degree in biomedicine in VIA

Biomedical engineering continues to develop, combining knowledge from applied engineering and biology with medicine and the life sciences. The Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering from EIA seeks to train integral leaders who are able to impact and contribute positively in the fields of healthcare biotechnology, rehabilitation engineering, biomechanics and bioinstrumentation. In this way, through his scientific and medical contributions, he will reach the necessary solutions within his field of work.
The university has great strengths and faculties in the different areas of health and engineering, which support the training process. Thanks to this, the master is fundamentally dedicated to the development of research and proposals to revolutionize and improve the treatment and care of human beings as patients. All this through the application of an innovative approach that brings together different disciplines in favor of social welfare.

Candidate profile for this master's degree

It is necessary to have:

  • Great analytical and reasoning skills.
  • Inclination towards scientific research.
  • Versatility, creativity and dynamism.
  • Attitude to teamwork and problem solving.
Graduate profile

The master's degree from EIA University will be an integral professional able to develop, evaluate, integrate and manage technologies and devices. In addition, extensive research needs to be done to solve engineering problems related to healthcare area, apply new services in healthcare industry.apply computational tools to solve problems and lend their solid knowledge in:

  • Institutions responsible for conducting scientific and technological research applied to health.
  • Public and private entities that provide health services.
  • Companies that promote health and that develop or supply clinical inputs or systems.
  • Public or private institutions that develop patient rehabilitation teams.
  • Companies dedicated to data analysis and artificial intelligence in healthcare.
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Why study at EIA University?
  • For a study methodology that addresses teaching according to international standards.
  • Due to the multiple disciplines, as it brings together areas associated with biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics, as well as nutrition and electronics applied to the field of medicine.
  • Professionals will have access to new infrastructure to receive their academic training. Likewise, they will have specialized and high-tech laboratories, with biomedical, biomechanical and bioinstrumentation equipment. Also biomedical simulators, which greatly benefit the teaching and learning process.
  • The study plan provides for agreements that guarantee professional practice both nationally and internationally.
  • The study path is supported by highly qualified teachers, who thanks to their experience can recreate scenarios of the real needs of the profession. The high level of facilitators in the knowledge areas of engineering and medicine is due to their training in the best universities in the world.
  • The learning is dynamic, it has a teaching method that allows you to incorporate practical projects and real cases. What contributes to the specialization of the professional in different areas such as: teamwork, problem solving, communication and leadership.
  • Thanks to various alliances, it is possible to implement projects on an international level.

Engineering is complemented by basic sciences to alleviate problems in the health sector. The use of biomedical technology is necessary to understand, diagnose, treat and monitor various pathologies. THE Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineeringtogether with technology and its interdisciplinary relationship, it offers countless benefits and strengths to promote the treatment and recovery of patients. This topic is explored in the Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering with particular attention to EIA research.

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